NEW! Circle Pattern Kantha Silk Sari Scarf

Screenshot 2017-08-10 10.35.06

NEW and now available! Our Circle Kantha Scarves are handsewn by our group near Kolkata, India, this beautiful kantha stitching is applied in a circular pattern fusing together two silk sari scarves.  Available in a collection of 10 colors. Size: 20″ x 75″.

2 Responses to “NEW! Circle Pattern Kantha Silk Sari Scarf”

  • Kathy Hayden

    I cannot get the “NEW! Circle Pattern Kantha Silk Sari Scarf”. I just get the picture too

  • Christy

    When I tried to order the new circle kantha scarves all that came up was a photo and this form for a reply – no way to purchase. How do I purchase some of these?

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