Cats for The Red Sari Club

Welcome new member to the Cats for The Red Sari! LeeLoo the calico, who lives in Chicago with our good friend Ann Raven, has manifested on one of our marigold and rust felted vintage sari scarves. Smart thing to do in the Windy City! Ann and LeeLoo found us at the Art Institute of Chicago. Thanks for sharing Ann!

2 Responses to “Cats for The Red Sari Club”

  • Ann Raven

    Julie, I wanted to put this on my fb page and it says, cannot be shared! Why? I’d also like to e-mail it but….?

  • Ann and LeeLoo Raven

    LeeLoo is very proud to be a member of the Cats for the Red Sari Club. I’m sure that she will manifest on many other Red Sari Scarves! Thanks for the heads-up. Love the photo here.
    Ann and LeeLoo

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