Slow Holidays

Women Working in the Felt Factory in KathmanduWe can feel it in our bones before we even leave the house. The holiday pace is quickening. The traffic is snarling. Checkout lines are longer. Shoppers with their lists are panicking.

Sure, we get caught up in it too. It’s only human.  And sure, The Red Sari is an e-commerce site… selling, selling, selling.

But we want to take a moment, take a breath, and slow down the holidays.  Here at The Red Sari we want to be about connecting, connecting, connecting.

We want to, at each ‘transaction’, look people in the eye, answer each email with a little heart and care, and see nature changing around us. Winter is, after all, the season when earth goes to sleep, and we stay inside huddled around the fire.

We want to remember the beauty of things handmade, things with meaning, things that inspire us.  And we want to remember that with each design sold, we are connecting with families halfway around the world in the little South Asian country of Nepal.  Happy Holidays!


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